Ceramic Home

General Manager

Architect Engineer\ Mussed Abdulrahman Al Gefari

Ceramic Home Trading Est. has a strong portfolio nowadays and a distinguished leadership on the level of providing the best products of ceramics and porcelain, which made it play an important role in the growing market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which leads to originality and keeping ahead of the latest developments. Furthermore, this role supported it to be a leader in this area. In conformity with its role, Marketing Home Trading Est. maintained committed relations with its customers and paid them its full attention in order to provide them the best services and offers through opening sales outlets throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


In terms of our ongoing efforts to provide what is a modern and distinctive, we allied with the best factories from all over the world to meet our clients wishes and needs, and became the title of beauty and art in this field.

Marketing Home Establishment operates in (Wholesale / Retail) trade activities in the field of ceramic, porcelain tiles, and sanitary ware since middle of 2005, while the actual beginning was with the opening of the first main showroom in July 2006, and within the development environment and the ongoing modernization which pursued by the enterprise for products and human resource, and as a result of that it included more than 130 employee at the end of 2014, as well as the enterprise managed to obtain a group of commercial agencies in the Kingdom. The establishment proved within a short period its presences in the market through excellence and constant renewal in introducing and exposing the products, and thus it became one of the establishments referred to in the field of ceramics.


We seek to satisfy our customers and to differentiate our services, and we are proactive in providing all what is new in the world of ceramics. We seek to increase sales by opening new branches around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and increase the inventory and provide more alternatives bathrooms ceramic, flooring ceramic and sanitary ware, distinctive in quality and design, and exceed the expectations of our customers by providing products and services of high quality, value and excellence and by attracting and hiring the best technical and managerial competencies. That is why our strategy targeted satisfying and reaching all market segment all across the Kingdom through a policy of continuous research & development which requires the mobilization of all human, material and technical resource & benefiting from local and international experiences .


We opened The first Branch at AL-Kharj Road as the main showroom and continued opening branches till we reached 16 branches.

  Riyadh Province number of branches (6).
  Qassim Province number of branches (2).
  Eastern Region number of branches (7).
  Tabuk Region number of branches (1).

Meet our Brands

We have a long term goal of expansion and we are committed to providing a broad spectrum of our clients and partners needs to succeed, through a strategy that we have acquired from a large share of the market, to provide reliable services with quality and price benefits.